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If you’re really, really lucky, your chemistry teacher is a magician. For the class’s amusement, he performs card tricks and other amazing sleights of hand. Best of all, every concept he explains you understand instantly. Every lab that he assigns is as exciting as a Penn and Teller floor show. And your lab notes? They organize themselves! Of course, like most of us, you’re probably only somewhat lucky. You don’t attend school at Hogwarts. Your chemistry teacher is a good Muggle whose lectures and labs you only somewhat understand.  And as far as your lab notebook is concerned, it’s only somewhat coherent. Still, you could improve your luck in chemistry simply by finding a chemistry tutor.

What’s in a Chemistry Tutor’s Bag of Tricks?

Although a chemistry tutor won’t make you magically understand everything there is to know about chemistry, he or she will help you improve your understanding of basic chemistry concepts, including chemical nomenclature, atomic structure, the periodic table, Lewis structure, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, and acid-based chemistry, which will definitely improve your performance in a general chemistry class. Taking advanced chemistry? A chemistry tutor can also help you better understand thermodynamics, kinetics, equilibria, gas laws, redox chemistry, and nuclear chemistry.

But that’s not all. With a chemistry tutor, you’ll be able to

  • review class lectures to improve your understanding,
  • complete homework assignments,
  • complete chemistry projects,
  • learn lab protocol,
  • follow lab safety procedures, and
  • properly set up and maintain your chemistry lab notebook.

Most importantly, having a private chemistry tutor means that you’ll enjoy the personalized, one-on-one instruction you deserve. You’ll be able to ask as many questions as you like—without raising your hand. And you’ll be able to learn at the pace that’s right for you. Need to review? Not a problem! Lacking a few basic skills? A chemistry tutor can provide you with the remediation you need. Although chemistry class may be overcrowded, your private tutoring session never will be, so there’s never any chance that you’ll never be ignored or become lost in the crowd. You’ll always be the only student! And every tutoring session will be about you and your particular academic needs in chemistry.

A Chemistry Tutor Is Almost Magic.

No, making better grades in chemistry class won’t happen by magic. It will take hard work on your part as well as the one-on-one assistance of a chemistry tutor for you to improve your performance and your scores. Nevertheless, once you do find a chemistry tutor who you like, you’ll probably consider yourself lucky. Maybe you’ve even consider yourself really, really lucky. After all, although the help that a chemistry tutor provides isn’t magic, it almost is.

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This article was published on 2011/10/07